June 2010

Stumped as to how to pray?

Have you ever been stumped as to how to pray about a situation? We all have at one time or another. What makes it difficult is that we often do not know what God’s will is and therefore lack confidence in knowing what to ask for. Here are some sure fire prayers to pray in any situation.

If life is short, how should I live?

I shared in my last post “Dr. Death or Dr. Hope – it’s a choice!” about how a recent health crisis has given me a fresh perspective on life. The Bible and past experience instruct us that trials such as this are opportunities to learn God’s ways and more perfectly align our wills with His will for our lives. God has certainly used this lump in my neck to do that. In realizing how frail and fleeting life really is, here are some resolutions I have made.

Dr. Death or Dr. Hope – it’s a choice!

When I walked out of a surgeon’s office a little over a month ago I was in a state of shock. Five days earlier I had discovered a mysterious lump about the size of a grape on the right side of my neck. “Lord,” I thought, “I can’t believe what I just heard. Is that you? Is your voice, the voice of my Good Shepherd somewhere to be found in all this? Is it my time? Is this that dreaded news that sets in motion the inevitable chain of events that leads to the close of life this side of glory?” Despite prayer, standing on the promises of scripture and constant confessions of faith I must admit that it was a major spiritual battle for me. However, the wrestlings of soul over the brevity of life provided a needed spiritual awakening that has brought me to some renewed affirmations regarding my faith relationship with Jesus Christ.

Finding joy in the journey

This week I am crossing one off the bucket list. As you read this, I am incommunicado on a sailboat in Northern Lake Superior – somewhere between Thunder Bay, Ontario and Isle Royale. Sailing is one of the things that renews me. One of the things I love about sailing is that it slows everything down. Think about the quality of unhurried interaction afforded Jesus and His disciples through their times together under sail on the Sea of Galilee.

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