August 2010

5 reasons why no one should miss the Dead Sea Scrolls

I recently spent an afternoon at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul visiting The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit now on display. It was a deeply impacting time for me. My wife Susan and I visited Israel and toured its length and breadth several years ago. Although we saw the caves of Qumran on the Northeast coast of the Dead Sea we were unable to visit the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem where the scrolls are housed because the museum was closed for renovation. I was disappointed at the time in not seeing them first hand.

Now after visiting the exhibit available here through October 24, 2010, I would strongly recommend everyone taking advantage of this amazing opportunity right in our backyard. You will not regret it.
Here are my 5 reasons why no one should miss the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.

Moving beyond the Why? question

A common reaction when we are deeply afflicted and frustrated is to ask God the “Why?” question. “Why me?” “Why this?” “Why now?” I would admit that it is a question that I have been tempted to ask God in dealing with my battle with thyroid cancer. But a study of the scriptures reveals it is a question that God typically chooses not to answer.

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