Overcoming broken dreams

Broken dreams, everybody has them, but sadly most people have trouble resolving them. Picking our way through a field of broken dreams is not easy. The Bible, right from the outset introduces us to the harsh reality of dealing with broken dreams in our lives. Thankfully we can draw wisdom from those who have gone before us. Imagine what Adam and Eve had to go through to cope with their loss of paradise. And of course we all know what happened to the dreamer Joseph’s dreams. He suffered for years before his dreams made sense.

The book of Exodus introduces us to the biggest field of broken dreams anyone can imagine, it’s called the wilderness. First we encounter Moses whose dream of delivering Israel died with the Egyptian he killed. He ended up burying his dream-turned-nightmare in the backside of the wilderness. But the greatest lessons to be learned about overcoming broken dreams is the story of the children of Israel coming out of Egypt and passing through the wilderness into the Promised Land. The wilderness is the is that place we must pass through in the journey from promise to fulfillment. It is here that God teaches us how to pick our way through a field of broken dreams and position ourselves to be overcomers.