Why is it so difficult to believe God?

More frequently than I care to admit I am perplexed at how persistent unbelief is in my life. One would think that a person after 40 plus years of seeing God’s faithfulness would have this believing God thing down. But annoyingly there are still things that come along that have a way of derailing me from the track of faith.

Recently I was talking to a spiritual mentor about this. He is a person more than a decade older than myself whose life has been an inspiration of faith, particularly in the area of faith for finances. If I were to compare his exploits of faith to mine I could easily end up feeling like a doubting Thomas. I was surprised to hear him tell me that there are yet times when he finds himself struggling to believe God in the very realm he has experienced his greatest triumphs, the realm of finances. As we compared notes we discovered that each of us has our own respective and recurring Achilles heels of doubt and unbelief. That fact certainly frames the question – why is it so difficult to believe God?