Who would you thank if you only had 45 seconds?

That’s how long the academy award winners had Sunday night to roll their credits.  Don’t be too quick to criticize them.  It’s easy to forget that time goes faster for the speaker than the listener. 

Who should you thank for your major successes in life?  What if you only had the 45 seconds it takes you to read this blog post? 

Most thank loved ones such as parents, spouses and children. Many thank co-contributors and co-workers, and those who inspired, enabled and/or led them, and of course their agent and lawyer.  Some thanked God, who in my estimation should get the major credit and glory. 

Who would grace the top entries on your list?  Here’s a twist.  What about thanking your critics and enemies whom God has used to make you a better person?  What about those who slammed a door in your face forcing you to seek the door God eventually chose to open?  What about . . . oops – times up!  Oh one last thing, don’t forget to thank them!

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