Consulting / Interim Pastoral Ministry







Tom is available for short term Church/Ministry Consulting and also as an Intentional Interim Pastor. In addition to his 35 years of ministry experience he is also a graduate of the Society for Church Consulting Consultant Training and a member of Interim Pastor Ministries.

For inquiries about consulting or interim ministry please use the contact page.

Key Components of a Consultation or Intentional Interim Pastor

  • Interviews – staff, lay leaders, representative church members
  • Church Health Survey
  • Congregational Analysis – attendance, budget, staffing, facilities
  • Community Demographic Study
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • Full Report with Recommendations
  • Build a Transition Team
  • Define “What Is”
  • Resolve Conflicts and provide Closure for the Past
  • Define Values, Vision & Mission – Develop a Strategic Plan of Action
  • Select and Coach Transition Steps

Reason Churches Need Consultation and/or Interim Ministry

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Control Issues and Divisive People
  • Ineffective Infrastructure
  • Growth Barriers
  • Financial Challenges
  • Facilities Challenges
  • Leading a Church through Change
  • Handling Church Conflict
  • Guiding a Church toward Evangelism
  • Improving the Disciple Making Process
  • Small Group Challenges
  • Mission Drift
  • Strategic Planning

Mini-Consultations utilizing the Interactive Church Resources audience response system technology are also available for one-time voting, polling, surveying or focus group studies

  • Every participant is given an wireless keypad
  • Questions are presented using a PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Insures each person is heard with respect to their opinion on issues, challenges and solutions
  • Confirm participants understanding of ministry issues and challenges
  • Instant anonymous feedback is gathered and displayed
  • Build and track consensus during key discussions
  • All data is provided in an Excel Spreadsheet format

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