Consulting / Interim Pastoral Ministry

Tom is available for short term Church/Ministry Consulting and also as an Intentional Interim Pastor. In addition to his 35 years of ministry experience he is also a graduate of the Society for Church Consulting Consultant Training and Pastoral Interim Ministry Training with Interim Pastor Ministries.

For inquiries about consulting or interim ministry please use the contact page.

Key Components of a Consultation or Intentional Interim Pastor

  • Interviews – staff, lay leaders, representative church members
  • Church Health Survey
  • Congregational Analysis – attendance, budget, staffing, facilities
  • Community Demographic Study
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • Full Report with Recommendations
  • Build a Transition Team
  • Define “What Is”
  • Resolve Conflicts and provide Closure for the Past
  • Define Values, Vision & Mission – Develop a Strategic Plan of Action
  • Select and Coach Transition Steps

Reasons Churches Need Consultation and/or Interim Ministry

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Control Issues and Divisive People
  • Ineffective Infrastructure
  • Growth Barriers
  • Financial Challenges
  • Facilities Challenges
  • Leading a Church through Change
  • Handling Church Conflict
  • Guiding a Church toward Evangelism
  • Improving the Disciple Making Process
  • Small Group Challenges
  • Mission Drift
  • Strategic Planning

Mini-Consultations utilizing the Interactive Church Resources audience response system technology are also available for one-time voting, polling, surveying or focus group studies

  • Every participant is given an wireless keypad
  • Questions are presented using a PowerPoint slide presentation
  • Insures each person is heard with respect to their opinion on issues, challenges and solutions
  • Confirm participants understanding of ministry issues and challenges
  • Instant anonymous feedback is gathered and displayed
  • Build and track consensus during key discussions
  • All data is provided in an Excel Spreadsheet format

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