Why do you complain my son?

Those who read my blog yesterday know that I have been thinking about the cause and cure for complaint.  It’s a fact that those who teach or write about any given subject are going to get tested on it.  That happened to me yesterday shortly after I published “Stop complaining and feed the ox.”  On my way to an appointment across town I nearly ran out of gas halfway there, then I got lost and ended up being a half hour late.

As I was driving back home and meditating on my brush with a complaining spirit, the phrase “Why do you complain my son, why do you complain?” came to me.  I had intended to write this edition of my blog in prose as I always do, but the inspiration I received in the car on the freeway translates better into poetry. So here goes.

Why do you complain my son, why do you complain?
I know that you prefer the sunshine, rather than the rain.
But from dark clouds moisture descends, to water seeds you sow,
And cause the earth to bloom in spring and fruitful trees to grow.

You say you are too busy, you haven’t got the time.
You say you are too tired, and so you tend to whine.
But twenty-four and seven are allotted every man;
The cause of your frustration is not following my plan.

You groan “I don’t want to go, it’s sure to be a bore.
Those people aren’t my type and besides I deserve more.”
But is it really all about, simply pleasing thee?
No, my joy’s in your loving them, and also loving me!

You complain about your home, and all the upkeep costs.
You grumble on your job, and you wish you were the boss.
But better than a sparrow, is my watch care for your soul.
These things are my provision, won’t you trust in my control?

You worry about your future, while longing for the past.
You moan to those who’ll listen, that the good times just won’t last.
You are feeling overwhelmed, to the point it makes you blue;
But who is your taskmaster, who’s demanding this of you?

I know it sounds simplistic, and you’ve heard it all before.
But seeing things from my perspective, reveals so much more.
No negatives or fear should rule, when in your life I reign
With my presence and my purpose, you never should complain!

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