May 2010

Winning the battle for rest

Rest, it is easy to talk about, but sometimes hard to find. Rest is a state of mind. It is not guaranteed by restful surroundings nor conducive circumstances. Finding true rest in body and soul is accomplished only by faith. “For only we who believe can enter His place of rest.” (Hebrews 4:3) This act of believing is rooted in an implicit trust in God.

Speak to your fears

Fear is more than just a stream of thoughts and accompanying emotion. In many cases it is a spirit. And if fear is a demonic spirit we need to treat it as such. To deal properly with fear we must speak to it as if it were a person, quoting the Scriptures and while having done so stand our ground.

I must confess, I am a multitasker.

Like so many, I love technology and all it can do to make our lives easier. But technology enables us like never before to multitask and that can have harmful effects on our lives. The dark side is that it is so easy to sacrifice productivity, peace of mind and yes even relationships on the altar of multitasking. And ironically those are the very things we are hoping to gain by doing it.

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