The divided life and what to do about it

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” Genesis 12:1  

Have you ever felt compromised in what you believe to be true?  It is not uncommon.  Even Abraham, whom the Bible refers to as the father of our faith, found himself in just such a compromised setting regarding his trust and obedience to God.  In the process of responding to God’s call to leave Mesopotamia, his country and his people, and go to an unknown land, which we now know to be Israel, Abraham got stalled half way in the city of Haran. (Genesis 11:31)  Despite the conviction in his heart regarding God’s call, his outward behavior did not conform to what he believed God had called him to do. 

He was living what might be termed a divided life.  It took the death of his father there to awaken him to the fact that God had not called him to Haran, but beyond.  Genesis chapter 12 records Abraham’s renewed commitment and obedience to continue his faith journey at this point after his father’s death. 

Sadly too many of us end up like Abraham, living a divided life in regard to our obedience to God.  We have a sense of what God would have us do, but for whatever reason will not whole-heartedly do it.  We live divided.  To live divided means having an outer life that does not conform to our inner beliefs. And so because of fear, or unbelief or simply compromise, we get stalled. 

When we live divided it is not uncommon to feel enslaved to a situation that makes claims upon us that are at odds with our hearts.  We end up suffering in that situation, but for some reason are not willing to change.  When living divided we may feel trapped, controlled or stifled from being all that God has created us to be.  

In Abraham’s case, obeying God’s will for his life was the doorway to God’s blessings, not only for him, but generations to come.  We like Abraham only pass through that doorway by stepping out in faith and obeying God even though we do not fully know where that will lead us.  The Bible is full of promises of God’s blessing but they are all contingent upon obedience or faith. 

Decisions to obey God can become defining moments in our lives.  They are the point where we decide to live divided no more; when we realize that failing to act on our convictions will result in continued subjugation and enslavement to circumstances that put us at odds with our hearts and the will of God. 

Divided no more

Living divided no more means obeying God as Abraham did, simply trusting Him in going we know not where, and choosing inner peace over outward comfort.  To live divided no more means to bring one’s actions into harmony with one’s inner convictions.  It means yielding ourselves to God’s lordship in our lives and relinquishing our own.  It means finding a new center of direction for our lives rather than our own limited self-centered perspective.  It means reclaiming our true identity and integrity; and not living under the control of anything or anyone other than God. 

Are you living a divided life?  What step of obedience of faith is God waiting for you to take?

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