213 Ways to Read the Bible

One of the greatest resources I know of for help in selecting and keeping to a Bible reading plan is the YouVersion website.

At last count it had 213 Bible reading plans arranged by five categories: Topical, Youth, Devotional, Partial Bible and Whole Bible.  There are Bible studies here for everyone, no matter what your age, status in life, relationship with God, Bible knowledge, time availability or reading ability.  

This website removes every excuse for not reading the Bible.  There are plans of varying lengths ranging from as short as 3-5 days and 1-3 weeks to everything from 40-280 days all the way through one to two years.  

YouVersion provides 27 different Bible translations to choose from with 10 of the most common versions available in an audio format for easy listening while you read or are on the move.  There are mobile apps for all smart phones that give you access to your daily readings and help you track your progress.  And amazingly 75 different language translations are also just a click away.

The Topical Reading Plans have studies focused on over hundred and twenty five different topics – something for every taste and interest.  It is a great place to begin for building a Bible reading hunger and habit into one’s life.

It includes many 7 day studies on topics like Bible Introduction, Parenting, Decisions, Job Loss, Reconciliation, Prayer, and Relationships.  There are overview studies of key topics in the Bible such as Major Beliefs, Major Themes, Major People (all 65 days in length).  It also has various Old Testament focus studies on such topics as the Life of Abraham (10 days) The Books of Moses (10 weeks), Books of History (90 days), Books of Wisdom (10 weeks) and the Major Prophets (60 days).  And there are seasonal Bible reading plans for 40 Days of Lent, Words of Jesus During Passion Week (12 days) and Rediscovering the Christmas Season (1 month).

The Youth Reading Plans are primarily seven days in length addressing the common challenges facing young people today.  They include such topics as Peer Pressure, Friendships, Drugs and Alcohol, Cutting, Bullying, Clothing, Dating, Depression, Parents and Integrity.  For parents and grandparents it is a great tool to use in encouraging the younger generation in your life to develop an appreciation and love for the Bible.

The Devotional Reading Plans provide a great variety to choose from ranging in length from a few days, a few weeks or months to one year and covering topics from Love and Marriage to Finding God.  Some of the one year devotionals are written by well known people like C.H. Spurgeon, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren and Josh McDowell.

For those who want to concentrate on simply reading the scriptures without commentary you have numerous choices in both the Partial Bible and the Whole Bible Reading PlansI personally love the different options available for reading the entire Bible through in a year, which of course are particularly attractive to anyone wanting to start a plan at the beginning of a New Year.  You will discover different approaches including Chronological, Canonical, Historical or Blended where the readings are in a non-traditional sequence.  There are plans that work off daily readings seven days a week as well as plans that provide catch-up days by only having daily readings five or six days a week.

There is no better time than the present to begin reading the Bible on a regular basis, and as the saying goes, if not now when?  Check out this wonderful YouVersion website and see for yourself how easy it is.  

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