Your destiny is a person

There is both a mystery and majesty about the word destiny. In a very real sense it holds transformative power because there are moments in time in which circumstances and decisions can alter it irrevocably.

I still laugh when I think about George McFly’s attempt to impress Lorraine in the movie Back to the Future. “I’m your density. I mean…your destiny.” George’s dense introduction did not get him very far. But with some major help from Marty, his future son, George’s wish became a reality and the destiny of the McFly family, hanging so delicately in the balance, was restored.

When Simeon held the eight day old Jesus in his arms he was holding the child in whom the destiny of the world would one day be determined. He was forecasting that what people choose to do with this child will determine their eternal destiny. Destiny is a powerful word. A person’s destiny speaks of his or her ultimate destination. That is a sobering thought. Especially when you realize that there are only two destinies from which to choose – a falling destination or a rising destination.

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