Overcoming Excuses to Make a Change

One of the joys of starting a New Year is the opportunity it affords to initiate a long overdue and much needed change. It is a season ripe for a breakthrough – that will free us from the inertia of the past while propelling us to possess a preferred future – that will break us free from the old while enabling us to lay hold of the new. That is the essence of what we call turning over a new leaf.

When it comes to finally doing what we have hoped and longed to do, many of us can sound like the lame man laying at the Pool of Bethesda. He had a paralytic condition that hindered him from being able to respond in time to the stirring-of-the-water seasons that periodically came along for his healing. As a result, year after year rolled by with their missed opportunities, and his excuse for his inability to change became his testimony – “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” (John 5:5 NIV).

Excuses abound when desired change is not forthcoming. We easily can become fixated on the things that seem to be holding us back. Not unlike the man stuck at the edge of the pool, just feet away from his breakthrough, most are quick to cling to excuses rather than seriously consider what it will take to overcome them and make the change. Or more precisely, WHO it will take to overcome them and make the change.

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How to do what is really important

“Whoever watches the wind will never plant. Whoever looks at the clouds will never harvest.” Ecclesiastes 11:4 (GST)
The message of this verse is “quit procrastinating!” Quit looking for excuses to put off doing those things in your life that are really important. If you are waiting for perfect conditions to tackle that critical task you’ll never do it. (I’m preaching to myself here!)
Let’s settle the matter right now. Today will not be a perfect day nor will this be the perfect week. In fact 2011 will not be a perfect year. Life is not perfect.
The winds of adversity will buffet you bringing distractions and urgent demands that seek to blow you off course. Clouds will roll in bringing discouragement and fear of failure tempting you to abandon your plans.

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