Jesus needs you

“Without God man cannot, without man God will not.” Augustine
We all know the story of Jonah and the extraordinary measures God used to get him to carry His message of repentance to the city Nineveh. And most people know the story of the man in Jesus’ parable of the talents, who buried his instead of investing it. Although Jonah, in running from God, was much more cantankerous than the one talent guy who simply refused to use his talent, they both were very much alike. Neither one of them thought God really needed them to do His work.

Both offered the same excuse for their stubbornness in not doing what God had asked them to do. Both rationalized that God in His might and sovereignty could do what he bid them to do without them, so why should they bother. (Jonah 4:2 & Matthew 25:24)

What they failed to understand about God is that He has chosen to delight Himself in working through the agency of man.

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