God’s love

The joy in being a nobody

I love this little poem written by Emily Dickinson more than 150 years ago. It conveys in such an unassuming way a deep spiritual truth. The Apostle Paul writes “There is no respect of persons with God.” (Romans 2:11) He is quoting here an Old Testament passage out of Deuteronomy 10:17 that says “God does not show partiality or take a bribe.” This is a very freeing truth. The basis of our relationship with God is not measured by accomplishment – by making ourselves or proving ourselves to be somebody.

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Nothing can separate us from God’s love

October 25th this year I will celebrate my 39th birthday marking my being born again and finding new life in Christ. Thirty-nine years of seeing the faithfulness of God through every conceivable circumstance should be proof positive that the words of Paul out of Romans 8:38-39 are unquestionably true. So why is it after all these years that I still can find myself at times doubting God’s love and care for me? It seems to be a common human malady doesn’t it?

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