Blessed is he who misses the boat

One of the truly amazing things about Jesus’ nature is that He is the Redeemer. He takes lives that are on a path to destruction and rescues them. He takes things that are bad in our lives and makes something good out of them.

To be on the receiving end of His redemptive work in our lives is always so overwhelming because it is not something that can be earned. To undeserving recipients His redemption is the free gift of His abundant grace and the hallmark expression of His love and care.

Redemption comes in many forms from small daily doses to huge breakthrough turnarounds. I love redemption testimonies because they inspire faith and hope for good to yet be resurrected out of bad.

Many times redemption is disguised as disappointment. Opportunities may pass us by. Things we really wanted and looked forward to do not materialize. Or one of the hardest things of all, something we have been praying for and were even convinced was God’s will for us does not come to pass.

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