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The Life of Jesus – Our Call to Prayer

The most compelling argument ever presented for cultivating a praying lifestyle is found in studying the life and teachings of Jesus. Jesus was both the quintessential pray-er and the world’s unparalleled expert on prayer. There are well over 100 verses in the gospels that recount His personal prayer habits, His teachings on prayer and thankfully many of His actual prayers.

We know that His life was punctuated by prayer from the beginning of His ministry to the end and He did it as naturally as breathing. He was praying when the Holy Spirit descended upon Him at His baptism in the Jordan River and He was praying with His last breath from the cross. He was want to spend both late nights and early mornings in prayer. And it was not unusual for Him to pull all-nighters when wrestling with weighty decision like His choice of the twelve apostles. (Luke 6:12=13)

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