3 lessons from the blizzard

The storm of the decade hit the Midwest with a vengeance on Saturday. Blowing winds and nearly two feet of snow inundated the Twin Cities deflating not only the the Metrodome roof but everyone’s plans for the weekend. Storms have a way of getting our attention and testing our hearts.

Job knew something about storms. He was battered by the storms of life including a tornado that killed all his children and a lightning storm that incinerated all his sheep and all his servants. If that were not enough, he also had to endure the chilling blasts of incessant condemnation from his so-called friends. It was fitting therefore that in the end, God chose to speak to him in a storm rather than through a still small voice like He did with Elijah. (Job 40:6)

Some things are only communicated clearly through storms. Storms have a way of getting our attention because they disrupt our lives. God speaks to us in many ways through storms. (Psalm 29:3-9) Most importantly He uses stormy trials in our lives to reveal what is in our hearts. (Deuteronomy 8:3)

Storms bring out the good, the bad and the ugly in people.

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