A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Yesterday, July 15, was the official end of the first half of the summer, at least in my way of thinking. It always gives me pause because I realize that summer is flying by. Typically I get the accompanying feeling that it is not going the way I had hoped – the way I dreamed it would be last January when I was standing in the middle of my driveway with snow up to my knees and shovel in hand. It is times like that when we long for the days of summer, when the weather is warm and the grass is green, and when we are free to be out in God’s glorious world drinking in all the beauty and opportunity it has to offer.

Of course we don’t think about mowing, yard upkeep and home projects. And we don’t take into account storms and rain, rain, rain and more rain. But none of that should really deter us from making our winter daydreams become midsummer realities.

My dreams usually include walking, hiking, running and/or biking somewhere in the great outdoors. Or I see myself out on the water in a sailboat, with the waves rushing by as the summer breezes fill the sails. My dreams always include those I love enjoying the glories of nature with me.