true rest

Winning the battle for rest

Rest, it is easy to talk about, but sometimes hard to find. Rest is a state of mind. It is not guaranteed by restful surroundings nor conducive circumstances. Finding true rest in body and soul is accomplished only by faith. “For only we who believe can enter His place of rest.” (Hebrews 4:3) This act of believing is rooted in an implicit trust in God.

Why true rest is so hard and the Rx

We live in a culture that has a dysfunctional view of time. Recent statistical studies show that Americans are now working more and vacationing less than any industrialize nation including Japan. Most of us have succumb to such a frenzied pattern of living that even when we take a break we do not find the deep refreshing of both soul and body that we long for. From the very beginning of creation mankind has battled this. That is why God has programmed into the weekly rhythm of our lives time-outs to rest the body and soul, regain His perspective through reflection and renew ourselves spiritually. It’s called a Sabbath rest.

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