Follow His Star!

Astronomers tell us there are millions and millions of stars in the sky. Isn’t it fascinating to consider that the wise men from the East identified the one and only star, “His star” the one that was able to lead them to the Christ child? How did they do it? One would think that for an ordinary person to pick such a star would be even greater odds than picking a winner in a national lottery. And yet, throughout the centuries to this very day, countless numbers of ordinary people continue to see His star all the time and as they follow it, eventually it leads to Jesus. How does God do that?

We dare not get hung up on a star as the instrumentation of God’s guidance. A star is merely a sign that God uses to show us the way to Jesus. Stars come in all forms and shapes. More often than not they look more like unusual circumstances or the special and/or ordinary people God places in our lives. They can also be things we see or things we hear. Or even things we feel or merely sense. But when God initiates them, and we notice them and decide to follow them, good things happen.

For instance, several months ago on a Saturday, a young woman struggling with depression and despair was driving her car on the 35W freeway that leads into Minneapolis.

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