It’s a Wonderful Life

Several years ago I started my sermon with a poll using our interactive audience responses system. I asked the question “All things considered, would you describe your life as ‘Wonderful?’” As I suspected I discovered that less than two thirds of the Bible believing Christians in attendance actually felt like they had a wonderful life. It was not a surprise to me because in preparing my message I found a similar poll of the general populace that indicated even less considered their life “wonderful.” That survey showed 94% of Americans admitting they needed something in particular to happen in their lives before they could be happy.
The mistake people make in determining they do not have a wonderful life is in thinking it depends upon outward circumstances. The fact of the matter is that everyone can have a wonderful life. That is because having a wonderful life is actually a matter of attitude and not accident, choice and not chance. The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us the “time and chance” catches up with everyone. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) If having a happy and fulfilled life depended only on favorable conditions, a wonderful life would at best, remain an illusive dream for everyone.

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