Closing out the books on 2010

This week I had our bookkeeper close out the books for our small home-based business. It is always an instructive process because it provides an accurate overview of how the previous year went. I appreciated being able to hold that final profit and loss statement and the 2010 balance sheet of assets, liabilities, and equity in my hands. Although it wasn’t everything I had hoped it would be, it gave me cause to thank God for His faithfulness even in a lean year.
It made me think about how helpful it would be for me to take some time to properly close out the books on my own personal life for 2010. Why not make it a priority to reflect on my personal assets and liabilities and reconcile all my accounts with God and with others before year’s end? I am always looking for opportunities to learn from evaluated experience so I found that idea very motivating. So on the morning of this last day of 2010, I did just that.
Here are the questions I asked myself in my year-end closing of the books and my responses to God. I pray this inventory for a personal year-end evaluation is also helpful for you.

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