Are you a member of the Frequent Pray-er Club?

The prayer of the upright is his delight.  Proverbs 15:8b

Those who are righteous by faith and come to Him in prayer bring God great pleasure.  That is a fact.  God delights in pray-ers.  And it’s the frequent pray-ers that make God smile the most. 

My attendance yesterday at two prayer meetings marking the annual National Day of Prayer gave me pause.  I noticed that most of those in attendance were the faithful prayer warriors of the church, dedicated men and women whom I stand in awe of because of their incredible commitment to prayer.

I couldn’t help but think that these frequent pray-ers are people who are continually racking up God’s sky sMiles.  And as heavenly travelers through prayer and intercession, they have to be elite members of God’s Frequent Pray-er Club. 

There are many benefits to accumulating sky sMiles and being a member of the Frequent Pray-er Club.

Frequent pray-ers can book free award travel to any part of the world they desire to go through intercession.  They have priority boarding simply by showing their red boarding pass with the Name of Jesus on it.  And they also get first class seating with Him in heavenly places.

God’s great delight in frequent pray-ers goes even farther than that.  I believe that He assigns personal angelic sky-caps to frequent pray-ers to ensure that they navigate safely when they are on the ground. 

And here is a thought.  Could it be that God has a special Sky Lounge reserved in heaven for these frequent pray-ers as a final bonus for the many sMiles they have earned.  If so, it will certainly usher them into an elite company of people.  I’m talking about Platinum Members, the likes of Daniel who prayed three times a day, David who prayed seven times a day and Paul who prayed without ceasing. 

How are you doing at accumulating sky sMiles?

3 thoughts on “Are you a member of the Frequent Pray-er Club?”

  1. bonnie beckstrom

    You can be a member of the frequent prayer club without attending prayer meetings but doing it in the quiet of your “closet”. Corporate prayer is good but God hears the prayers of the individuals in their closets also-the secret prayers club.

  2. I like this idea of a Frequent Prayers Club. Thank you for all your messages on forgiveness this week. I don’t think we can truly be Christ followers without forgiveness of each other as Jesus taught us in the Lord’s prayer. God is so gracious and merciful. How can we not extend that to each other if we claim it for ourselves.

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