Where is your faith?

“Where is your faith?” He asked His disciples.  Luke 8:25

While fear and panic are often a first response to dire circumstances, Jesus’ simple question, “Where is your faith?” has the power to restore a faith-filled perspective.

Jesus asked this question in the context of what His disciples perceived as a life threatening situation.  Faith is always tested most severely when the stakes are the highest.  They were in the midst of a stormy sea, their boat was taking on water and they had just wakened a napping Jesus saying “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” (Luke 8:24)  Jesus “got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm.”

“Where is your faith?”  What is Jesus asking?  First, He is asking whether or not we have faith in our possession?  Do you have it with you, on your person?  However this is not asking something like “where is your wallet?”  You may or may not have your wallet with you.  You may have forgotten it at home. 

No, His question here is more like a parent asking her toddler “where is your tongue?” In other words “Show Momma your tongue.”  And the little 2 year old giggles and sticks out his tongue and everybody laughs.  Does the little guy have a tongue?  Yes, but that is not the point.  The point is, we all know you have it and we want you to show it to us.  Jesus knows his disciples have faith.  He wants them to acknowledge the fact and show Him where it is.

We could talk at length about where or in what that faith is placed.  But it is clear in this context Jesus is talking about a faith resting and relying upon Him.  His disciples are His followers because they believe in Him and who He says He is.  They wouldn’t be His disciples if they did not have faith in Him.  And the Bible itself plainly states this fact that every “believer” in Jesus has a measure of faith.  (Romans 12:3)

So let’s settle this first part of the question.  We do possess faith and that faith is in Jesus.  Say it with me: “I HAVE FAITH IN JESUS AND IT IS RIGHT HERE!”  And point to your heart.

Now what else is Jesus asking His disciples and us by His question “Where is your faith?”  He is simply asking us to use our faith – to engage and exercise the faith He has given us.  Does that sound complicated?  It really is not.  Let’s return to the analogy of our toddler.  Often at that age when the little guy is frustrated and wants something he may resort to animated facial expressions, pointing or pouting.  But what does his Momma say?  “Use your words!”  He has a tongue, we’ve established that; but to make things happen he has to use it and his lips to form the words that his Momma can understand so she can act on his behalf and help him out. 

We’re like that toddler, we have faith, but in our frustration and fear we often fail to use it.  We get frustrated, pout, and can even throw a tantrum, while all the while our heavenly Father is waiting for us to use our words.  We must use our words of faith to calm the stormy sea.  (Mark 11:23)

Jesus’ question conveys such a simple truth.  We have the faith we need, but we must activate it by stepping up and speaking it out just as Jesus did.  So step up and speak out words of faith in the midst of your circumstances and you will be amazed at what Jesus will do.  

2 thoughts on “Where is your faith?”


    I was looking at what my calendar said for October which is my birthday month and it said-
    “Just as the trees lose their leaves so they can grow back stronger, now is the time to lose your fears so that you can grow stronger.” Just thought that this relates to your thoughts on faith in that as we use the faith that we have, just as “now is the time to lose your fears”, we can grow stronger in faith and our exercising of it.

  2. You did it again Tom. You got me, right where I needed to hear it.
    There’s a couple situations that have been very heavy on my heart. I’ve been specific in my prayers about them. But, there’s also that component of speaking things. I should give that a whirl too…
    Great post.

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