The prayer antidote for anxiety

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”  Matthew 11:29

The high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle in which we live is the source of many forms of anxiety.  In today’s world, finding rest for the soul is a premium pursuit.   My very informal survey has revealed that there are at least twelve categories of things that cause anxiety and keep people awake at night.  I formulated the list by looking at a variety of websites conveying research and discussions related to causes of insomnia.  For simplicity’s sake I chose not to include physical, medical or dietary reasons for sleeplessness on the list.

In the process of analyzing the causes of anxiety and looking for antidotes I made an amazing discovery.  There is actually one prayer in the Bible that addresses every single aspect of these anxiety producing thoughts and fears.

It is God’s prescriptive cure summed up in just five simple verses.  Fittingly, it comes from the teaching of Jesus who is the only one who can ultimately give us rest for our souls.  The prescription for anxiety-induced insomnia is the prayer Jesus taught his disciples to pray which we call the Lord’s Prayer.  It is found in Matthew 11:9-13.

Here coupled with the list of the twelve categories of things that cause us angst, are the prayer antidotes for each.  As you read through this insightful and relevant prayer, ask Jesus to release faith to you and to touch your points of doubt and anxiety that are revealed.

#1 – Loneliness & Lack of Advocacy  – Our Father – He’s always there, you’ll never be alone and will always be cared for.

#2 – Mortality & Eternal Destiny  – Who Art in Heaven – He assures us He has prepared an eternal home for those who know Jesus.

#3 – Success & Reputation  – Hallowed be Thy Name – When we are concerned with His reputation He’ll take care of ours.

#4 – Career & Job Satisfaction  – Thy Kingdom Come – Making God our partner on our job invites His Kingdom benefits.

#5 – Important Decisions  – Thy Will Be done – Yielding to Him releases wisdom for right decisions.

#6 – Creativity & Pursuit of a Dream  – On Earth as it is In HeavenThrough Him anything is possible and the sky’s the limit. 

#7 – Financial Insecurity  – Give us this Day Our Daily Bread – God delights to meet our financial and security needs.

#8 – Regret & Guilt  – Forgive Us Our TrespassesGod’s forgiveness insures freedom from regret and guilt.

#9 – Relationship Conflict  – As we Forgive those Who Trespass Against UsGod’s grace enables us to forgive and experience peace in the face of relationship conflict.

#10 – Addictive and Self-Destructive Behavior  – Lead us Not into TemptationGod promises a way of escape from every sin and addiction.

#11 – Fear and Anxiety about the Future  – But Deliver Us from Evil – Trust in God provides His protection from future threats and fears.

#12 – Global Crisis Concerns  – For Thine is the Kingdom & Power & Glory Forever & Ever  – A better day is coming when the Prince of Peace will establish a new heavens and new earth.

So you have any scriptures, prayers or tips you’ve found helpful in fighting anxiety?  Please share them.

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  1. Merrilee McMahon

    Amen and Amen Trust and believe!!!!! I think of you often, and pray that you are well Tom

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