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Greetings from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Our Bridgewood Community Church missions team continues to stand in awe of all that God is doing here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I feel like John when he wrote in his Gospel that if everything Jesus did were to be recorded there would not be enough blogs in the world to contain it. (John 21:25) 

Since my last report, two days ago, we have seen Him touch so many lives and accomplish so many amazing things.  Here is a brief summary of some of the highlights:

  • The woman’s conference held each morning and afternoon, has been gaining momentum as the Lord has been healing deep wounds in the hearts of those in attendance.  As our teaching team of women have been ministering from the book of Esther, the Holy Spirit has been rewriting each personal story of pain.  Testimonies of renewed hope and confidence are emerging, all to God’s glory.
  • Susan and I concluded our Marriage Seminar last night and had the privilege of leading several couples in renewing their marriage vows at the close of the message.  Right from the very outset of the service the worship ushered in a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. That presence continued throughout the service ministering to people during two times of prayer and a time of communion.
  • God has been arranging many divine appointments and connecting people for His purposes in the area.  During our time at Alpha y Omega Church, we are seeing how God is knitting together of the hearts of many saints in Cabo.  Just at last night’s service I had the privilege of meeting several pastors and individuals from different churches.  Each one of them are mature believers who have a vision for the greater body of Christ and are working sacrificially to see His Kingdom established here.
  • Our construction team working along side the Alpha y Omega men, had a huge victory day on Tuesday as we did the pouring of the first half of a 1400 square foot concrete slab.  It was quite an adventure as a huge boom from a cement truck parked on the hill above our site delivered a powerful stream of concrete into our formwork.  We were scrambling to keep pace but in the end the slab looks like a work of art, at least to us.
  • Last night the church hosted all of our team and a few other guests to a fantastic meal of tuna and incomparable Mexican food, the best we have had on our trip.  It was a joy to dine with the saints of Alpha y Omega and rejoice together in what God is doing.

Today is a big day as we conclude our work and ministry at the church.  The second half of the concrete pour is before us.  We pray it will not be as daunting a task since now we are experienced at handling a seemingly unending flow of splattering concrete.  The women’s conference and ministry to the children also wrap up. We are believing for the seal of God’s work there as well.  And we finish our day in hosting a celebration dinner at our hotel with some thirty people coming. 

If you read this on January 27, 2011, please say a prayer for us.

La pazde Dios sea contigo.  The peace of God be with you!

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2 thoughts on “More news from Cabo”

  1. Tom, we really appreciate your news from Cabo! We have and are praying for you all! God bless you and our Cabo friends!

  2. Pastor Tom,
    Both of the messages give an outline of procedure to follow. Its a Biblical Blue Print for a successful expedition in a pioneer field. It needs hard work & commitment & unity in Spirit, is at the heart of all this; you are blessed with such.

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