Ode to Charlotte

When first we heard the coming of a princess
With great anticipation we did wait
To behold her beauty and her comeliness
In earnest hope that she would not be late.
Held in suspense her name we longed to hear
Yet no masterful inquiry revealed
What pleasant sound was sure to us endear
‘Til at her birth no more was it concealed.
Her arrival on the thirteenth day of June
With texts and calls sent shortly after five
So one by one each relayed the joyful tune
Charlotte Avery Stuart has arrived.
Proud father and mother for the first time be
Peter and Keidra surely are aglow
While holding little Charlotte they now do see
The tiny angel they want all to know.
Charlotte Avery you come from royal stock
A gift from above, sent from heaven’s throne
Favored by God with a crown of curly locks
And parents with His love to make it known. 


Susan and I are rejoicing at the birth of our eighth grandchild in eight years.  Since eight is a number of new beginnings we celebrate this new beginning for us and especially for our son Peter and his wife Keidra.  We thank and praise God for His faithfulness!

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2 thoughts on “Ode to Charlotte”

  1. It is grand plan to be born as a Grand Child, in a grand family. I pray for the Glory & Mercy of God may prevail all the way in her life. Amen !

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