Entertaining Angels Without Knowing It

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews1:14 (NIV)

Most of us do not think much about angels, much less look for their presence in our livesBut that does not mean that they are not looking for us and actively engaged in helping us.  Contrary to some caricatures, they are not rosy cherubs floating on clouds carrying harps.  They are servants of God, indued with His power and authority and sent to earth to serve His people and His purposes.

Although in some cases they appear as angels, frequently they take on human form.  In the Bible we read of the appearances in person of majestic angels like Gabriel. (Luke 1) Those kind of angelic visitations are unmistakable and awe inspiring. Modern day accounts from those whom have had the privilege of seeing angels in person confirm this.  But most of the time angels travel incognito, posing as human beings, and unless the Lord reveals their identity to us we are unaware of their presence.  God clues us in to this in the book of Hebrews. We are told that some strangers who come into our lives may actually be angels. (Hebrews 13:2)  Imagine having an encounter with an angel and not realizing it until afterward.  There were people in the Bible, like Lot, who had that experience.  He met two men in the public square, offered them shelter for the night and they turned out to be two angels sent by God to rescue him and his family before the destruction of Sodom. (Genesis 19)

Last week was a flurry of activity for my wife and I and our extended family.  We all were involved to some degree in preparing for the big Saturday departure of our daughter Annie for a two year teaching commitment in Turkey.  Such partings are always fraught with emotion, last “good” good-byes and prayers for protection.

Our other two daughters, Sarah and Carrie, took Annie out for a farewell luncheon on Thursday.  All three have traveled extensively.  Over lunch, as they compared travel notes, they discovered each of them had an angel story to tell.  All three of them shared how a stranger had come into their lives at a critical time of need in their travels.

Sarah shared how she found herself late one night, having just arrived in Sidney, Australia, looking for the hostel where she had a reservation.  The taxi let her out and as she was wandering along looking for the youth hostel she found herself in a very seedy part of town.  She finally went into a small hotel and was met right inside the door by a man who asked if she was “Sarah.”  “How did he know my name?” she wondered.  Amazed, she said “Yes.”  “Follow me” he said and proceeded to lead her out of that hotel, through the darkened streets and alleys.  He brought her to an idyllic little bed and breakfast type place where they had a reservation for her.  It surprised her because it was not the hostel where she made her initial reservation.  Upon their arrival there, the man disappeared and she never saw him again.  To her, he could only have been an angel.

Carrie shared how she and her husband Benji were in transit from Nepal to India when their flight departure was delayed.  When they finally arrived in Delhi in hopes of catching their connecting flight to their final destination in India they were told it was impossible for them to board that flight.  The plane was located at a distant concourse and in fact was already boarded and ready to pull away from the gate.  There were a number of other passengers with them who were also booked on that flight.  Just then a woman they had never seen, came up to them through the crowd with their boarding passes.  She asked, “Are you Carrie and Benji?”  Flabbergasted they said “Yes.”  She told them to follow her without delay.  She proceeded to whisk them past lines, through security check points and crowds of people directly to their gate.  Amazingly the door of the plane was just being prepared for closure as they boarded.  No one else from their other fight made it.  Who was that woman?  She had to be an angel.  You see Carrie’s passport did not carry her married name because they had been wed just weeks earlier.  There is no way anyone would have known that “Carrie and Benji” went together, let alone picked them out in a crowd.

Annie had a travel angel story to share as well.  She was all alone in a big city trying to catch a ride to an early morning flight.  She had arranged for ride with a cab company, but the cab never came.  Standing outside in the dark, with a dead cell phone she began to panic.  Just then a white limousine pulled up.  A man stepped out of the car and asked if she was Anne Stuart.  He had a very friendly and comforting demeanor.  He told her that he was there to take her to the airport and even knew her flight number.  She was aghast.  He was not with the cab company she had contacted.  He delivered her safely to the airport, on time and in luxury.  And to top it off, he refused her payment for the ride.  Now was that an angel or what?

When Annie recounted these three stories to Susan and me, we were both overwhelmed by God’s gracious angelic visitations in their lives.  But most importantly, we were encouraged, along with them, that He would continue to do the same for Annie as she embarked on her new adventure.

Do you have any angel stories to tell?

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26 thoughts on “Entertaining Angels Without Knowing It”

  1. 4 minutes agoSent from ChatJudy Storgaard
    I never told you this but. When I was living in sin out at the farm with Helen’s dad, we had cattle dieing. He called the vet. I was at the farm alone when the vet came. He helped me with a hiefer that was in early labor. He was so kind to me. He told me how much the Lord loved me and that He would be there for me no matter what. This guy had a white truck and he was wearing white. Then he left. Later that day the vet clinic called and told me that the vet wouldn’t be able to come till the next day. ???? I called back later to tell them of the guy that came and they said they didn’t have white truck nor did thier guys didn’t wear white. No bill was ever sent to the house for the visit. I believe he was an angel who came to help me out of my dispare…

  2. A very dear friend of mine told me this story. He was swimming back from a diving dock to shore, he developed a leg cramp and started to panic and go under water. Just the another person who he described as very blond and with a great tan swam by him. This person said just put your feet down you will be able to touch. So Lee stopped and put his feet down and was able to touch the bottom with the water just below his chin. He turned to say thankyou to the person but there was no one around him. Lee was sure it was an angel and I would have to believe him.

  3. I love angel stories. It always amazes me the human form these angelic beings take on in their service. Thanks for relating this unique story.

  4. Several years ago when I could still walk long distances I needed to walk up to the local Pizza Hut to pick up my car from daughter who was working that evening. I wish I had a map to show you how this happened, but if you know Circle Pines you know the frontage road that goes past the Post Office. I was walking along that toward Pizza Hut when an SUV came out of a side road in front of me. It turned toward me and the driver rolled the window down. She was a lovely blonde lady and she said, “do you have your billfold?” I was taken aback that a stranger would ask me a question like that. She tried again, “I saw it fall out of your pocket back there.” She pointed behind me almost 500 yards away, and sure enough I could spot something on the ground. I turned back to thank her, but the SUV was gone. By all rights, I should have been able to see it going back toward my billfold, because that was the direction she was pointed in. I am convinced it was an angel. The fact that her English syntax wasn’t entirely correct has made me ponder this: what is the language of angels? Do they have to learn English like a foreigner in order to communicate with us? I am so grateful for her help that day.

  5. There is a humorous part 2 to this story. I retrieved my billfold and my car and went home. Shortly later the doorbell rang. There was young man dressed in jogging shorts and tee shirt at the door. A stranger to me. In his hand he held my billfold! (Yes! twice in the same day.) Dumbfounded I asked where he found it. He told me on the road by Pizza Hut, handed it to me and jogged off. I barely had time to say thanks. I always wondered if he too, was an angel, or just a helpful human. When I get to heaven I want to meet all the angels who have helped me. I wonder if I will recognize them.

    My funny postcript to this is that I was telling Wayne what happened and marvelling at what must surely have been at least one angel. My oh so practical husband remarked…”hole in your pocket?” Oh. Never thought of that! Yes there was, and so there was a mending job done that night so the angels wouldn’t have to follow me around picking up my billfold anymore.

  6. My mom tells the story of how she turned the wrong way on a one way street by Lake Harriet and a blond man in a truck appeared from nowhere and escorted her out of her delima and immediately disappeared after he helped her.

    And another of her angel stories was when she was a young girl and was walking home and a man stopped and tried to pick her up (he wasn’t nice) and the next thing she knew, she was at her house and she didn’t know how she got there. Later on the news was that this man was a child molester.

    I’m sure we all have entertained and have been helped by angels- just shows how much God really cares for and looks out for us during our time here on planet earth.

  7. In 1976, I was driving a 1953 Chevrolet we owned “just for fun” to the bank in Uptown. When I came out to the parking lot behind the bank, I couldn’t get the car started. A kind old man appeared outside the driver’s side window and asked if I needed help. He told me step by step how to start the car. When it started, I turned to my left to say “thank you” and he was gone! I’m sure it was an angel.

  8. Diane Rasmussen

    We (Dave, Paul and I) had gone up to our cabin for 4th of July week-end this year. I was able to get off early on the 1st (Friday) so we could beat the traffic. Luke and his girlfriend were going to come up on Saturday. We got up there around 2pm. It was hot so we ate an early cold supper. Paul decided to go next door to my Dad’s because he had air conditioning. By 5pm the clouds were getting more and more ominous and looking out our dining room window we could see a wall cloud coming across the lake – the power was out by this time so we didn’t hear any weather reports. The wind started to pick up – Dave started to close windows. I was still looking out the dining room window and a bald eagle landed in our front yard – he looked right at me – no more than 15 feet away and all I heard in my head was ‘my protection is over you’ and he flew away. I tried to get Dave to come and look at it – but it was just for me. In the next few minutes we were hit with 100mph straight line winds that seemed to last forever.I felt at peace even though scared. Dave and I were huddled behind the refrigerator – praying. When it finally stopped (or slowed down) we looked out to see no immediate damage to our cabin. We had a piece of someone else’s dock by ours but other than a lot of leaves down and a few little twigs – nothing we could see!
    Paul came running over and asked if we were ‘ok’ – my dad had a huge pine tree ‘take out’ the neighbor’s awning on their RV – he had a tree on his garage and probably 20-30 more trees down in his woods. Our neighbor on the other side had his driveway (100 yd driveway) completely filled with trees – as high as their cabin. My brother’s driveway was the same way and most of theirs were uprooted 100-150 year old oaks – and on his cabin lots of roof damage. We did lose some trees in the back and 2 trees on the driveway. Other than that – not even a shingle was off the roof! Someone told me the Eagle was not just for the storm but He was also preparing me for the heart attack coming 10 days later.
    God has always spoken to me thru nature – so angels can take many forms.

  9. Thanks for your stories about your mother Ann.. God’s kindness to her through angelic help insured your safe passage to the planet as well.

  10. It is always intriguing the form that angels take. Reminds me of Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life. Do you think that old man was still trying to get his wings? 🙂

  11. I happened to be reading your current post and reread this one from August. I am right now sitting in a Turkish airport after almost 30 hours of unexpected delays trying to get back to Turkey from the close distance of Lisbon. As I have been met with closed airports, unexpected snow storms in Rome, two delayed flights, one missed flight, and about 4 hours of sleep, not to mention having to buy a new ticket to get me the last leg of the trip, I have been reminded of God’s traveling mercies and have been praying for them to carry me through. I have comforted myself with the fact that there are angels amongst us and if this trip gets worse and I fall apart, an angel will be there to rescue me just as has happened before.
    I haven’t had an angel encounter today but still felt God’s presence and was comforted by the kindness of the airline ticket agent who reduced the price of my new ticket and gave me napkins to wipe my crying eyes. She was about my own age but her sympathy touched me and gave me the tenderness I needed to keep moving through this uncomfortable trip home.
    I am so glad that you have revolving blogs on your page because the angel blog was pertinent right now as much as the one on ceaseless prayer.
    Moving one minute closer to home and my bed…..

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  13. Hey Third Space Church – Thanks for reading and recommending my blog post. Blessings on your service tomorrow and your ministry there in Peterborough, Ontario!

  14. I can now relate that Angelic ministry can be very well unseen too.When I was only 15 yrs, I had sleep walk, fell & landed on my seat from 10 feet height, unhurt. Then when I was 23 yrs age,
    I was guarded safe during 1971 war, even of the blunder I was committing. So even when I was not saved, Angels were performing their duty towards God. On 17 Oct 2010, I was riding my motorbike, I had head on crash with a car, resulting in broken Front guard, I fell on my right side ,10 feet away, then thrown up & fell on left & then was riding along the road getting closer to the stopped car.I got up as in Bollywood films, unhurt.I had only head light cover had flown off. No more damage. I am doubly sure the Guarding angels were there taking care of me, right through the whole scene. People from the car said ” you are still alive & fit, ????” Heb 1:14 is mocked by the main -line churches.They say Pentecostals keep the Angels busy.

  15. Joshua Israel Gemmell

    The purpose of writing about angels is to encourage others, but sometimes good angels appear after the bad angels, and I have the scar to prove it.

    The second time I encountered an angel I was five in a small Cajun town of Thibodaux, Louisiana. I was playing on top of some trailers in an opened field. My father George was offshore, and my mother was sleeping when all the children ran out of the field and left me on top of some trailers when a man wearing a black Derby hat, and three-piece suit appears before me. He told me that if I did not get off the trailers I would get hurt. No sooner had he warned me my heel get caught between the two trailers hitches that were hitched together at the hitches. And the man in black moves the trailers and my right heel was bruised to the very bone. As the blood soaks my foot, I yelled for the man to help me, and I watched man vanish before my eyes. My older sister on the edge of the field sees the man talking to me. My mother was on her way to help me for she had a vision of me getting hurt. My mother not knowing what to do panics, because she did not have a car, nor did she know where the hospital was. When a German suddenly appears with a car, and offers to take me to the hospital, and he said that if I needed blood he would supply the blood for me. This wasn’t to be the first time an angel appeared in my personal affairs, but this is first time I could remember well what happened.

    When I was twelve I found out why God had been keeping me alive. I decided to ask God why, He had sent his angel to warn me of an accident and His angel do nothing at all to prevent the accident, but actually caused it to happen. Then I had the impression in my mind that God was telling me to, “go and get the large family bible, and part the bible to see where it opens, for God said, “I once had to do the same thing before I began my mission on earth. I had to part scrolls before I began my mission, and now I want you to do the same thing.” So, I went and opened the bible and it opened to Genesis 3:15, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” It was then that I knew that this angel abandon me was not God’s angel, but it was Satan, and the German who took me to the hospital was God’s angel.

  16. Thank you for sharing your story. As you point out, it is important to discern the true and counterfeit angels. Paul writes to the Corinthians warning that even “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14) We also know that we are not to worship them or become overly infatuated with them.(Colossians 2:8) Our attention and focus must ultimately be on Jesus, God’s son, whom they serve. Your story also highlights the fact that angels appear in the flesh as different nationalities and we dare not limit ourselves to preconceptions as to their appearance. Again thanks and blessings!

  17. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

    I want to share 2 experiences I can remember having with angels.

    The first experience I remember was when my daughter was just a little girl (she’s now a mother/wife with 4 children). I come from the country – Bristol in the UK. Every holiday, I would take the coach up to Bristol. Well on 1 holiday occasion, I took the late coach (10pm ) to Bristol and because it’s the last coach, it covers a number of locations and so that meant a normal 2 hour journey home took me 4hours. My little girl fell asleep beside me and I dared not sleep because it was so late and I needed to be alert (coach full of strangers). Anyway, at last, we pulled into the Bristol Coach station and I woke my little girl up and we got of the coach and I picked up my luggage and made my way to the phonebox. (mobiles were not really known then – well not in the UK). I rang my parents, who were sitting anxiously by the phone waiting for my call – mom did not like me travelling late. Once I got through to them, I stood near the phone box waiting for them and I noticed this young woman – about my age, looking around anxiously. I didn’t think anything but just continued to look around the almost deserted bus station. Not long later, my parents turned up, (I’m sure they drove fast and may have even broken the law for speeding) we hugged and we were about to leave and I turned again and saw the young woman and she just looked really ‘lost’. I said to my parents….”hold on a minute mum”. I walked over to the young woman and I said “excuse me are you okay?” The young woman replied “Is this Nottingham bus station?” I said “No this is Bristol coach station”. The young woman looked surprised. “I’m supposed to be meeting Sister Maxine”. So I quickly said” “ I’m Sister Maxine”. The young lady continued talking “I’m supposed to be meeting Sister Maxine Blake”. I got very excited. “I’m sister Maxine Blair”. The young lady said “Sister Maxine Blair from the Apostolic Church of God”. By this time, I was so intrigued that I became over excited. “I’m Sister Maxine Blair from the Apostolic Church of God Ministries”. We looked at each other for a while and then I said. “Listen, you have come off at the wrong bus station, I am Sister Maxine Blair from the Apostolic Church of God Minisries – and although I am not the Sister Maxine you should be meeting, I can’t leave you hear on your own. It’s late and it’s 2:30am in the morning. Please come home with me and my parents and tomorrow, we will bring you back to the station and put you on the coach and you can continue your journey to Nottingham.”
    She looked at me for a few seconds and then said “ok”. So we walked over to my parents and I explained to them everything. My parents and I decided that we would take her to my older sisters home because we did not have sufficient space for her at my parents. I rang my sister quickly from the phone box and she agreed. My parents took my little girl with them and I took the young lady to my sisters. When we arrived, my sister was about to go out to a ‘blues’ party and shouted as she left “you can sleep in my room sis, we won’ t be back until later today”. I settled in the young woman – she told me her name was ‘Carol’. I settled Carol down and left her for a while, she told me she needed to let her husband know how she was and she wanted to make a few more calls. Eventually, I knocked on her door and went in….she was sat down on the bed in her nightgown . I spent nearly 2 hours chatting with her, I shared many testimonies with her and we laughed so much. I felt like I knew her all my life.
    Eventually I went to bed. The next morning, I ran excitedly to her room and only her bags were there. I could hear chatting downstairs – I recognised Carol’s voice and my sister. I went to the bathroom quickly, then afterwards got dressed and went downstairs. Carol was sitting with my sister in her kitchen with a large cup of tea. My sister talked and talked and Carol listened. (I realise this is taking too long to share with you all so I will cut this story short)
    We eventually took Carol to the coach station, we got her ticket officially amended and then we waited for the 1pm coach. When it arrived I walked her to the coach and we hugged and then she got on the coach. She walked up the isle of the coach and disappeared. I stood there in disbelief and shock. I walked up along the coach from the outside, thinking she may have bent down to maybe pick up something from off the floor…. I walked back and still could not see her. I went to the other side of the coach and did the same thing. Carol vanished right before my eyes!
    When I went home to my parents home that day, I told them and my mum said she was probably an angel. She quoted the scripture from Hebrews about ‘entertaining angels unawares’. I did not even dare to think that was the case – it took awhile for my mums words to sink in. When I arrived back to London the next day, I went to church and the message was on ‘entertaining angels unawares’. Wow now that almost blew my mind. Do you know there were certain things that bugged me but I just could not put my finger on when I was at my sister’s home with Carol. The bathroom was untouched. The tea she drank was untouched. There were other things which I forget it being many years ago. Oh yes, I remember…I did all the talking – well mainly all the talking when we spoke until 4am in the morning.
    Guys, I didn’t realise this would take so long, so I think I will post the other experience another time.

  18. Maxine, thank you for sharing your intriguing story. It certainly sounds like you were indeed entertaining an angel. Your generosity of spirit was no doubt a deposit in the bank of heaven, no matter who Carol really turns out to be. Blessings, Tom

  19. Hello again,

    My next experience happend in February 2011. I travelled to Bristol to see my mom who was not very well and had a bad fall down the stairs. As the coach arrived into Bristol, the driver drove through Bristol towards the coach station and I noticed special placards permantly displayed on historical streets. I read them as we waited in the traffic. I love history. Eventually we arrived at the coach station and I made my way home to my parens. I spent the day with them singing, praying and I even cooked lunch for them, my mom was so happy to have me there that she was motivated to get up and load the washing machine with clothes. My older sister was surprised when she arrived later on that day. Eventually the time came for me to go back to London. My mom asked me to take with me things that she had bought for my daughter and for my younger sister’s children. I remember saying “mom I would rather that I didn’t travel with too much to carry as my coach will arrive back at Victoria in London at around 10.30pm at night and I didn’t want to travel from Victoria to my area with a load.” She coaxed me to take them and I did. But all the way to London, I wondered how on earth i was going to cope, especially as my jouney back to the area I live in London was going to take at least another hour. I sat on the coach thinking of whom I could contact to meet me to give me a lift. Anyone I thought off I knew couldn’t do it for genuine reasons. So i resolved that I would just have to cope.
    Eventually when the coach arrived at Victoria, I grabbed all the load of things I had to carry and I encouraged myself “Come on Max, you can do this”. As I walked up the road in Victoria, I became a little anxious, I heard a group of people walking close behind me talking. I turned and it was several policemen walking and chatting happily. That was great. I continued walking until I arrived into the arcade of shops which eventually lead to the London tubes. As I approached the tubes, I became anxious…I really did not want to travel on the tubes with loads of bags at nearly 11pm. So at the last moment, I turned and headed towards the taxi stand. I walked up to a black cab and asked the driver how much it would cost to go to Harlesden. He told me £29.00. I was pleased, because I only had £30.00 on me at the time. I got into the black cab and we set off. As we drove up towards Buckingham Palace, the driver began talking to me giving me a historical account of the various streets wer drove on, his knowledge was really extensive he went back as far as the early 1900s. I was totally enthralled – at times, the hum of the black cabs engine drowned out significant words but I hardly took notice as I was so interested in what I could hear. Eventually we arrived at Hyde Park and he decided to take the ?Edgeware Road route to take me home – I was so worried by then because Edgware Road is normally full of traffic. I needn’t of worried, before I knew it we were in Maida Vale, then Kilburn and Willesden Lane. I was shocked, I just could not understand how we arrived there so quick. Anyway, the driver continued to talk and I greedily listened ( I love history). As we drove on Willesden High Road, the driver told me that he would no longer be driving the cabs as from that night he would retire. I politely listened and acknowledged him. Not long after that we arrived on Church Road a few mins away from where I live. I then said “please stop at the petrol station”. The driver said “I promised you that it would be £29.00 and no more, so I can take you all the way home”. I explained that I wanted stop there so I could pick up a drink and then walk home afterwards. He pulled up and I got out of the cab and paid him. He took the money and then asked me “Did you enjoy your journey then?” I looked at him and his eyes were a beautiful blue…in fact a blue I have never ever seen before something like a deep jade/turquoise. His skin was so clean as if it did not belong here on this earth. His hair was so white, I could not stop staring at it. However, I managed to answer him “I did thank you very much.”. He began to talk to me again, and I thought to myself ‘if I don’t stop him talking, I’ll be here all night’ so I interupted him and said “Well I have to go now, it was nice meeting you. Bye”. I walked of and as I walked off he said “It was nice meeting you too….Maxine”. I stopped for awhile but then continued walking into the petrol shop – can I just say this…I was frightened to turn around. How did he know my name?? How on earth did I arrive in my area within 10mins and not the normal 45 min drive??? When I got home, I sat down and it felt like my mind defrosted as if it was held in suspension throughout my journey. I began to remember things that I could not really concentrate on. The driver was massage and I wondered how on earth he fitted into the driver seat. His body looked like it was in a body suit which hid his massive structure. I saw steams of white lights teh same colour as his hair as he drove. But at the time, my mind could not process what i saw – it was like that area of my brain was asleep if that makes sense.

    My daughter came to see me the next day and I tried to explain what happened to me. She said “mom you don’t have to try and convince me that he was an angel, I know he was.” I stopped in mid sentence when she said that. My daughter continued “We saw an angel too and it was the same day you saw one…didn’t we children”. My grandchildren said yes and they began excitedly to tell me.
    My daughter who was heavily pregant with our 3rd grandchild at the time said “Mom, I did not have much money, but sufficient to take me to ASDA in Houslow to buy some food. I bought lots of tins of food and I had about 10 bags of shopping. Mom I did not have enough to take the bus back home”. At that I point, I sucked in my breath because I dreaded the thought of her walking home 2 3/4 miles with 10 bags of shopping, 2 young children and heavily pregnant. My daughter continued. “Mom I walked as far as I could and then I would stop take a rest and continue on. I kept doing this until I just could not go anymore. I quickly found a little side-street and walked in it and burst into tears. I just could not make it home mom. The children hugged me as I cried and said ‘never mind mommy, Jesus will help you, don’t cry mommy’. I looked at my grandchildren and they agreed and confirmed to me what they said. My daughter continued. “Mom I don’t know where this lady came from, but an old lady walked up to us and began talking to us. She told me her name is Mabel and that she is 85yrs old. she asked me what I do for a living. Mom I don’t know why I lied, but I did. I told her that I am a nurse (it’s what my daughter wants to be). We talked for a while and then I said that I have to go now and I noticed that my hoe laces had come undone and so I bent to tie them and the old lady said that she would do it. Before I could stop her, the old lady bent and with ease, tied my laces. So mom I asked the lady ‘are you an angel’ because for 85 yrs she was able to bend so low and tie my laces. The old lady did not reply to my question, but just stood back up and we began talking. Mom her eyes were a beautiful violet, her skin was absolutely clean and smooth. The old lady said that i should tie all my bags together to make it easier to carry. I looked at her wondering what she really meant. She took my bags from me and tied them and picked them up demonstrating to me how easier it would be to carry. I was shocked mom, my shopping bags were packed with tins and were heavy – how did she pick them up so easily?? anyway, I said goodbye and the children said goodbye and I picked up the bags which felt lighter than before and walked 2 steps and turned around to say ‘bye bye’ again and the old lady was no where to be found. It was a long street with no bushes, where did she go in a few seconds???

    So there you are guys, both my daughter and I saw an angel the same day. The difference being, I saw an angel in the night and my daughter in the early evening. God is sooooo good!!

  20. Hi,
    I spent the past 4 yrs in China. Imagine day 1, not knowing a word of Chinese except “hello”. I was put on a train for an days journey from the north to the south of the continent. I wanted to sleep so bad, tried not to because I was afraid someone might take my luggage, and I had 3 heavy ones including money and passport.
    But..I fell asleep at nightfall and woke up with the train empty the next day. I had no idea where I was. I started panicking and praying at the same time.
    I checked if I had my important documents, they were there. I looked up and noticed there was no one to help me remove my luggage from the very high storage area. You had to climb up a ladder to drag it down, and it was very heavy. Suddenly I heard two voices, and saw two tall, strong African men walking towards me.
    “We are coming they said, just wait there”.
    I thought, huh… How did they know I needed help? A few seconds later they came into my cabin and easily dragged down the suitcase like it was a pillow. They spoke very good Chinese, and payed for our luggage to be taken to the train stations entrance, even though I insisted to help pay. They were with me the entire time, sometimes pulling my other luggage up the staircase for me.
    When I got to the entrance and I got all pieces of my luggage, they just disappeared. I stood there in a sea of Chinese people looking for them but they were gone. Now here’s how things get interesting. As I stood there, another African guy walks up to me, this one smiling and very pleasant. He says, hello my name is Samson.
    Are you going to XYZ? I said yes, He said, Well, I am taking these girls there would you like to come? We all got on a bus, he again wanted to pay but this time I insisted and payed my fare. He dragged my luggage through the hot sun, to my destination.
    He spoke excellent Chinese and helped me through registration which was an all day ordeal at various locations, all of which he knew. As soon as I was finished I turned around to say thank you and he was already very far off in the distance waving goodbye and smiling. I could swear the smile on his face was like saying you’re going to be fine.
    Sometimes God uses people to come to our rescue in times of need, they may or may not be angels but we do know for sure they were sent by God.

  21. In 1976,I was stationed on Okinawa at the northern most marine corps camp.This was where the unit in Vietnam that lost their colors was located.I met good friends and okinawan workers.About 6 months through my tour,I was ordered to report to the marine camp halfway down the island.It was from camps hinoco to Shawb.A couple of weeks later my new unit was doing field maneuvers in the phillipines and my former company platoon was on a ch53 helicopter.I watched it pick up a water tank(buffalo)and the cable snapped flying back discentigrating the tail rotor.It crashed killing everybody aboard.That was my entire former platoon.I never found out why I was transferred from one base to the next and no orders were ever found either.God has a purpose for everything.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story. It is always stirring to hear how God sovereignly spares select persons lives, like yours, from sure and certain death by some miraculous turn of events. God obviously has had His hand on your life. What an amazing thing to consider all the people that have been blessed and all the beneficial things that have happened except for your presence on the planet. Despite such a terrible tragedy in the downing of the plane, yours is a message of God’s redemptive grace. He is to be eternally praised for His angelic intervention. May the Lord fill you with hope and joy as you continue to marvel with thanksgiving at His choosing you for such a life!

  23. Late last night, I drove to the store and got stuck behind a guy turning left into the store’s parking lot. He was driving really slow, and skipped a couple opportunities to turn between cars.. so I became a little frustrated. After he made the turn, he very slowly parked, and I hastily maneuvered around him. When I was walking up to the store entry, I saw him getting out of his car. He was looking at me and walked up to me. He said, “You are a big country boy just like me..” I thought he was confronting me because I was being impatient, and I told him I had no problems with him.. and I was sorry for bein impatient. He asked me to look at his tire, and explained that he had run over something and was worried the tire would not get him to his destination. He said he had 8 dollars but needed 12 more for a spare.

    I gave him a $20 and he told me that Jesus would repay me. Then he said, “I will see you again Rick”

    I didn’t think much about it until today, when I was awarded 3 side jobs to work on randomly. I was thinking to myself.. these jobs are a huge blessing, why did I get these?! Then I remembered the man at the store, and got chills all over my body.

  24. Thanks for sharing your faith building story Richard! Great hearing how God is moving in your life through what is definitely a divine connection and could even have been a angelic appearance! Praise God for His provision for your generosity!!!

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