Poem for Parker Lee

Parker Lee Stuart
Susan and I are celebrating the birth of Parker Lee Stuart, second child of our son Peter and his wife Keidra.  Rejoice in the Lord with us!!!
Poem for Parker Lee
His name was whispered long before his birth
And those who heard it knew the measure of its worth.
A holy heritage this young prince would receive
A double anointing from on high to him would cleave.
Hanging upon the wall of his future room
Soon to be occupied with his sister whom
Was calling mommy’s tummy by his name
Were the words Parker Lee cradled in a frame.
In Feb O-Thirteen, day twenty-one arrived
And with his birth impatient spirits soon revived,
For all who saw this handsome son did smile
As he was christened Parker Lee in style.
Two grandfather preachers bear his middle name
And long before he’s old enough to claim
The richness of his heritance in Christ
His calling’s high and can’t be priced.
In the Stuart grandchild birth order line
It’s significant to note he’s number nine.
For with it special promise as the scripture says
Are nine fruits, nine gifts, that can be his.
May this boy who’s called to serve the king of kings
Be sheltered underneath the everlasting wings
And guided daily by God’s loving light
Fulfill his destiny divine aright.

With Love & Prayers – Grandpa Thomas Lee

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