Glorifying God in an April Snowstorm

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.  Day to day pours out speech.”  Psalm 19:1-2

This morning here in Twin Cities (Minnesota) we all woke up to a mid-April snow storm dumping 4-6 inches of snow and regrettably extending an already interminable winter.  When I went outside between 6 and 7 AM to put out our trash receptacle, the visibility was blizzard like and it took some effort to wrestle the container, wheels and all, through the snow to the curb.

I was grumbling and complaining to myself and to the Lord, and vowing that no matter what, I was done shoveling for the year and absolutely would not lift a finger to get rid of the snow in my driveway.  Leave it to nature for it to eventually melt away!  I have had it!

As I was walking back to the garage shaking my head with incredulity and listening to the crunch of snow under my feet I suddenly noticed another sound.  It caught me off guard because it seemed so incongruous with the blizzard like conditions.  It was the sound of a bird singing.

Somewhere in one of my trees there was some crazy bird singing his little heart out in joyful song.  And as I listened more intently I could make out some other birds in the distance also singing.  It gave me pause.  Why would they possibly be singing under such uncomfortable circumstances and trying conditions.  What must they be thinking?  Don’t they realize that it should be 20-30 degrees warmer and April showers are supposed to be bringing May flowers?

It was then the verses from Psalm 19, quoted above came to me, and I realized that as His creation the little birds were simply joining the heavens in declaring the glory of God and proclaiming His handiwork.  “Day to day, they pour out” praise with their chirping.

As, I paused there in my tracks I felt the Lord whisper to me, “you are My creation too and you can choose to praise Me like those little birds. – Why not do that rather than complain?”  He had me where He wanted me.  If He cares for those little birds even in a snow storm, and He surely does; how much more does He care for me?  And if they can praise Him, so can I.  And I did!

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3 thoughts on “Glorifying God in an April Snowstorm”

  1. Thanks Tom! I felt the same way today as I looked out at the snow. It’s wonderful how God can realign our attention. Thank you for all your blogs.

  2. Steve, good to hear from you. I appreciate the confirming feedback. Blessings to you!!!

  3. Pastor, I am with you.I learnt it also, our Father does nothing in vain & nothing bad. So I have learnt to realize the weather may be awful for me, but in His plan & economy it has to serve His purpose.
    As regarding snow in this season is not very surprising to me.In 2010, when I was in USA ,I saw a DVD of US scientists that Al Gore (USA) has brainwashed the world. They are expecting Snow age in another decade.There is no effect of smoke etc on the layers of gases in the Atmosphere.

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