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My book on prayer can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites, plus a Kindle version is also available from Amazon.

IGNITING AN IMPASSIONED PRAYER LIFE – How to Develop the Energized, Extended, and Sustainable Life of Prayer You’ve Always Wanted.

Do you wish you were more motivated to pray?

Is your prayer life sporadic and inconsistent?

Are you tired of waiting for answers to prayer?

This book is written for people just like you, people who love God, but struggle in their personal prayer lives. It provides a remedy for those who carry nagging guilt or regret for not praying as frequently and as fervently as they feel they should.

This practical and empowering book features many liberating biblical insights into prayer and ways to apply them in your prayer life. Major topics include.

  • The Three Essential Ingredients for an Impassioned Prayer Life
  • The Place of Structure and Spontaneity in Prayer
  • Prayer Mandates – the Secret to Being Faithful in Prayer
  • Praying Prayers that Get Answers
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer
  • What to Do While You Are Waiting for an Answer

Each chapter concludes with reflection questions for further meditation and application.  A parenthetical note: I intentionally formatted the book with short chapters for ease in reading, meditating upon, and referring back to the things God may be speaking to you with regard to your prayer life.

Igniting An Impassioned Prayer Life is available on Amazon and Kindle as well as on Barnes & Noble’s website. It is also available for purchase directly by contacting me via this website.

Finally a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who read the book and take a few minutes to WRITE A REVIEW on the Amazon website.

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4 thoughts on “Check Out My Book on Prayer!”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Just a note of thanks again for your book. You’d be surprised how much its meant to me. Like the Carpenters song I feel like “I’ve only just begun..” on this prayer journey. I am a slow reader, so I found it was best to read one chapter per day and think about it. There were so many enlightening chapters, like the chapter on presumptiously not praying. I took some of my own notes during this time of reigniting my prayer life and thought I’d share, things that I discovered.

    1. I found prepared prayers to be good in some cases. Each day it is good to remember and prepare prayer needs you encountered through the day. I find these to be good prayers because they are given in earnest, they are real needs you or others encountered. Like the prodigal son who prepared his words before hand.

    2. Something in the way that the Lord talked to Moses (Exodus 33:11) seems relevant to prayer for all of us. I don’t know exactly what, but it seems that prayer and having a way into the Holy of Holies is a jaw dropping reality that is obtainable in some sense.

    3. I put aside a lot of the old prayers that hadn’t been answered so that I wouldn’t discourage myself in this refreshing time of prayer. They are prayers that were either not God’s will or not in faith. Some may come back to my prayer life, not sure which ones.

    4. Joy and answered prayers have been the fruit of prayer, praise God!

    5. When He answers my prayer I think of that one leper who came back and thanked him. What a unique response, where are the other 9? He is encouraing gratitude, and how often after a desperate prayer we forget, we prayed, and He answered!

    6. The most important thing that I have learned, felt and really experienced is I discovered my greatest need evey day, every hour, is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I don’t even understand it all, I just know that once I felt it, His presence, that was my greatest need. I have to pray often every day for the filling of the Holy Spirit. As I have thought about it, the fellowship that sin broke in the garden has been restored by the victory in Jesus, which is about fellowship, which is primarily through prayer. Prayer is what fills us with the Holy Spirit. Oh my flesh gets so stubborn at times, and yet when I get beyond it He is faithful.

    I still feel like a train wreck in so many ways, but my faith is stronger. Thanks..


  2. Dean, words cannot adequately express how much your comments and feedback mean to me. I would have to say that an overriding motivation for publishing the book was the hope that it would provide just the kind of practical and ongoing encouragement you have derived from it. Thank you for taking the time to write this! It blesses me no end. Tom

  3. Pastor Tom, It’s been many years since Way Of The Cross. I’ve thought and spoke of you many times. Today I did a net search and wound up on your website. Today my wife Jane (barb and I divorced in 2009) and I placed Mesuzahs at our entryways. I prayed, hands on, in tongues over each. Prior to the prayers I asked for these prayers to bridge the gap between the Jewish faith and Christianity. I must admit my prayer life has been rather absent recently, except for mealtime, and felt like I was not really worthy to make this request. After the prayer for the last Mesuzah I knew our prayers had already been received and answered by the feelings of long ago prayers and realized how neglect l have been. Through my previously mention net search I learned of your book, Igniting An Impassioned Prayer Life, and will be ordering it as soon as I send this. May God continue to Bless You and Yours.

  4. Dear Fred, It is a joy to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. I pray that you will continue to be encouraged in your relationship with the Lord and grow in confidence in your prayer life. God does hear and answer as you testify. Nothing is too hard for Him. May the Lord richly bless your walk with Him! In Christ’s love, Tom

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