Dispelling the Darkness

“You are my lamp, Lord. And the Lord illuminates my darkness.” 2 Samuel 22:29 NASB

Whether it is the darkness around us or darkness lurking within us, we all in varying measures battle its oppressive effects of doubt, fear, worry, loneliness, unworthiness, or the hidden sins that so easily beset us.

Coming to a place of acknowledging and owning it as “my darkness,” like David did, is both cathartic and an invitation for the Lord to dispel it with the light of His love, forgiveness, and delivering power.

Light in my darkness, Peace for my soul,
You are my rescue, You never let go. . .

Here in my weakness, Always the same,
Your love is my shelter, Your light is my way. . .

All my hope Is in You
All my strength Is in You
With every breath
My soul will rest in You!
(Hillsong Worship)

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