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Reflections on our Cabo Mission Outreach

Last week I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on a mission outreach with eleven other people from our church. As with most mission trips the schedule was very demanding to maximize our time and ministry effectiveness so I had no time to write a blog.

Our mission was threefold. We were there to put on a men’s conference, help two churches with construction projects and meet with local church leaders to gain their input for our future involvement there.

The shear logistics of such an ambitious undertaking with just one vehicle stretched all of our sensibilities. The ninth beatitude, “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape” became our maxim.

We hit the ground running the day of arrival by kicking off the men’s conference with a Saturday evening meeting hosted at the Alpha Y Omega church. We followed that up with three more meetings Sunday morning, afternoon and evening. We concluded the conference on Wednesday night. The main theme was the fatherhood of God and our purpose was to help men address and resolve past issues with their earthly fathers (and mothers) so that they could become rightly related to their heavenly Father.

From the very outset we sensed a powerful presence of the Lord and were awed by the way in which God had drawn a good contingent of men from several area churches accompanied by their pastors. It was unifying to see our worship team of four guys interchange songs with the Alpha worship team.

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More news from Cabo

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our Bridgewood Community Church missions team continues to stand in awe of all that God is doing here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I feel like John when he wrote in his Gospel that if everything Jesus did were to be recorded there would not be enough blogs in the world to contain it. (John 21:25)

Since my last report, two days ago, we have seen Him touch so many lives and accomplish so many amazing things. Here is a brief summary of some of the highlights:

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News from Cabo

Dios te bendiga! God bless you from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Since arriving mid day on Saturday, our missions team of fifteen from Bridgewood Community Church have all joyfully jumped right into action. The needs here are great, but God in His grace has prepared the way and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve Him and the precious people here.

The little missions church of Alpha y Omega is the focus of our week of service. It is located in a very poor neighborhood of what is becoming the sprawling metropolis of Cabo. With the difficult economic times more and more Mexicans are making their way to tourist destinations like this one in search of work. Make shift homes from whatever material can be acquired are springing up in areas where the development of infrastructure cannot keep pace. Many of these neighborhoods, served only by dusty pot-holed streets, have no electricity or running water.

Pastor Juan and his wife Patty founded the Alpha y Omega ministry just five years ago. They are deeply motivated by their concern for neglected children and desire to bring healing to adults ravaged by the hopelessness of sin. Both Juan and Patty have personally experienced the pain and suffering of those to whom God has called them to minister. But both have also experienced the amazing power of Jesus who has healed and set them free.

Juan was born into a family where he was one of the youngest of eighteen children. His desire to make something of himself turned him into a driven man pursuing a government career at the expense of his marriage and family. He ended up separated from Patty but Jesus came into his life in his mid forties, restored his marriage and called him into the ministry.

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