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Poem for Parker Lee

Poem for Parker Lee

His name was whispered long before his birth
And those who heard it knew the measure of its worth.
A holy heritage this young prince would receive
A double anointing from on high to him would cleave.

Hanging upon the wall of his future room
Soon to be occupied with his sister whom
Was calling mommy’s tummy by his name
Were the words Parker Lee cradled in a frame.

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In Celebration of Cadence

My joy is colored pink and whispers Cadence Kerala,
A symphony by God composed, a masterpiece unplayed.
And yet with rhythmic tempo, emanating from her name,
I am mesmerized by movements respirating from her frame.

I hold my newborn granddaughter cradled gently in my hands
And marvel at the beauty of her sleeping innocence,
With placid face unstained by tears of joy or pain;
Nor furrowed by worries or things that are profane.

And as I gaze into the future through her eyes,
It takes me to a world that one day I’ll not know.
I imagine her smiling in sun drenched days to come
And squinting in the shadows to discern a distant drum.

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