Watchout! – I am radioactive!

As I write this I am living in isolation.  My 4 day confinement in my home is not one of punishment, estrangement nor as a recluse.  It is imposed upon me for the sake of others’ protection because I am radioactive.  Yes, as in atomic radiation – half-life decay and Geiger counters. 

You see I took a radioactive iodine pill this morning for the purpose of killing off any remaining thyroid cancer cells in my body.  My therapy is the standard treatment for someone who has had a cancerous thyroid removed.  It has been used for over thirty years and is typically prescribed six weeks after the surgery. 

The large gray capsule was delivered and dispensed from solid lead container into my waiting gloved hand and I quickly placed it in my mouth and washed it down with a cup of water.  The hospital attendant stepped back, wished me well and sent me out the door without shaking my hand.

Among many precautionary instructions, mostly related to protecting others from me in this condition; was keep a 3 to 6 foot distance from everyone, especially children and pregnant women.  As I walked through the halls of the hospital, through the lobby and outside to cross the street to the parking ramp I had a very strange sense about myself.

I was very careful to avoid any situations where someone might be in close proximity with me for any extended time, such in an elevator, passing through a doorway or standing at the curb waiting for the crosswalk light to turn green.  After all, I’m thinking to myself, I am dangerous and no one knows it.  Who could have the faintest idea what kind of hidden power is radiating from me.  Making my way to my car left me with a weird feeling.  Could this be how a suicide bomber feels?

Surprisingly, what it reminded me of was how I felt the first morning after accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord my life.  I was a University of Minnesota student at the time.  While transferring buses downtown Minneapolis onto a crowded bus heading for the U this realization hit me with such an impact.  “In an instant I have become a totally different person!  Here I am, a new creation in Christ and His Holy Spirit is dwelling within me and unless I tell someone, nobody knows it.” 

That sense of secretly carrying the life-changing power of God that through me could also change another life for the good was overwhelming.  In essence I found myself thinking “I am a dangerous man to the enemies of God and humankind – powers of sin and Satan look out!”

Just as my first day as a new born in Christ, I sensed my heavenly Father’s special gifts of love and encouragement for me today as I returned to my car.  When I started the car and flipped on the radio, tuned to a local Christian station, the first words I heard sung were the chorus from Brandon Heath’s song “Wait and See”

There is hope, for me yet,
Because God won’t forget,
All the plans HE’s made for me
I have to wait and see,
HE’s not finished with me yet . . . (4xs)

And then, as I was driving home along the freeway I saw a large billboard advertisement for a local college.  All it said was simply “Make your life count.”  What better summation to the journey I have had the past three months!  “Thank you Lord I whispered . . .”

Could you take a few seconds right now to agree with me in a prayer of faith that this treatment eradicates every cancer cell once and for all from my body?  Thanks so much! 

And, may I pray for you – that you will experience the greatness of the all powerful God dwelling within you and be radioactive for Him in freely releasing His power for life change to others.

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3 thoughts on “Watchout! – I am radioactive!”

  1. I enjoyed the parallel between your radioactive treatment and becoming a Christian. While you may not like to have broadcast the news that you just took a radioactive pill to those around you, reminding yourself that your Christianity should be shared is important. Our lives are certainly changed once we accept the Lord into our hearts, but He calls us further to share the good news. I accept the prayer you prayed for me that I will “freely release His power for life change to others”. And I’ll certainly be praying that your body will have full deliverance from cancerous cells.

  2. Yes, Dear Pastor Tom… I am praying with you and for you.

    I love the way you tell the story. . . give account. Rise up… dangerous Man of God and keep your stead. Eternal Love to both you and Susan!

  3. One of my favorite Old Testament accounts is in 2 Chronicles 20 where Jehoshaphat is facing a vast army. There was no way they could defeat them. God told them do not be afraid, have faith in the Lord, sing to the Lord, praise the Lord and see the deliverance of the Lord. You are in a similar situation Tom. God bless you with knowing He is with you wherever you go.

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